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Founded in 2015, West Palm Homes has over 5 years experience in developing beautiful homes for clients in Toronto and Miami

We are all committed to ensuring that your project is handled with the utmost care, and that ultimately, you enjoy the unique experience. We have developed extensive relationships with investors and homeowners, and we remain the go-to house builder for a wide array of private clients.

When it comes to house building, one true sign of quality is the level of workmanship that’s been applied.We are renowned for the fine external detailing we introduce to each and every property we create, and we always ensure that the expertise of our craftspeople is reflected in the design and appearance of your new home. Contact us Today

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By approaching West Palm Homes for your new build, you’ve already invested in the best possible outcome for your property.

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As well as exquisite exteriors, we also offer a comprehensive interior design service, whereby clients work directly with our in-house team to create a personalised scheme that mirrors the splendor of the exterior architecture, unlocking the full potential of each new home.