Complete Home Improvement and Renovation Services

Home Renovations • Home Additions • Complete Basement Design and Build • Complete Home Build • Excavation and Footings/Foundations • Interior Finishes

We also work with architects, surveyors and engineers to facilitate complete build projects right from the land purchase and into the completion of the build as follows:

Phase 1: Financing and Land/Property Acquisition

Phase 2: Design (Site plan, floor plans, elevations, servicing plan, grading and erosion control, landscaping)

Phase 3: Build Execution and Delivery

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Much of what we create is hand carved, constructed and finished, so we actively encourage and employ master craftspeople at many stages of the build journey. In return, these talented individuals provide us with the creativity and expertise that turns our bespoke properties into real stand-out solutions, and that makes the West Palm Homes brand worthy of its name.