New Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Trends in decoration of modern kitchens always evolve. Before, this space was only intended for cooking and eating, but today it has become a place much more integrated into daily life. It is not uncommon to find people watching television, using the computer or studying, in addition to the activities for which the kitchens have been designed. Therefore, given that the kitchen has become a multifunctional room, the decoration increasingly plays a more important role and today at West Palm Homes  we will present some of the main trends.

If you are thinking of updating or renovating your kitchen, now is the perfect time to start your research, since each year brings new design trends and products. A successful kitchen design should focus on its functionality, employ good ergonomics, durable finishes and incorporate good quality products.

Concrete floors or countertop

You can also opt for concrete, it gives a very modern and industrial look to the kitchen.

The ground in gray or carbon colors will remain a trend.

Contrasting textures

The new designs use contrasting texture finishes. For example, dark porcelain or slate with wood, or super matte black cabinets combined with warm metal sinks in bronze. These elegant finishes are balanced with natural organic elements, such as wooden details for the island or the floor of wide planks of wide wood.

The most popular finishes for cabinet handles are matt black, satin nickel, tin and antique brass. What is common to all these finishes is that they are matte, not high gloss finishes and therefore do not show finger marks.

But there are more possibilities. As you can see in the photos we show you, the materials used are very diverse. And more and more they mix together, that is the case of wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, stone and metal, which merge into more original combinations and which can already be seen imposing trend in the kitchens for next year.

The owners are preferring synthetic materials, which are durable and give a good design. Some of the most popular brands for countertops propose many colors and various thickness and shape options.

Outside Connections

In modern architecture, the kitchen every day takes a growing notoriety, due to the fact that it is a functional, work space, but for many of enjoyment and relaxation. It serves to practice the hobby of the kitchen, or the cocktail bar, to have a chat with friends on the island, or a breakfast in the morning. Given that, we have looked for a way to give more vitality to this space, through large windows.

The idea is to place the kitchens adjacent to the garden, so that the window generates the feeling of being in both places at once, since, while cooking, you can enjoy the beautiful day outside, without feeling that it is losing.

Modern kitchen furniture

Built-in wall cabinets

As for the furniture that will be carried in the kitchens, shelves and storage furniture that are fully integrated into the wall will predominate, appearing to be part of it.

Wall cabinets reach the ceiling to maximize storage space and minimize dust accumulation.

The closed and upper cabinets are also being set aside, giving way to glass doors and open shelves.

Metal, wood and glass are the modern materials that most impose a trend for shelves and kitchen shelves, which gives a wider and brighter appearance to the spaces.

In addition, the open and well-organized, obstacle-free and well-ventilated spaces stand out.

The incorporation of intelligent storage solutions and the use of each centimeter of space efficiently are fundamental points.

The cabinets bring deep drawers that allow items to be more easily accessible, and come with automatic closing mechanisms.